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CR194 - CORE RC -Servo 5Kg Mardave Clio V6 Lexan shell
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V15R Grid Bumper

This is a Mardave Grid bumper for Mini's and Saloon stocks
Base price £5.99
Sales price £5.50
Discount £-0.49
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Base price: £7.99
Sales price: £7.50
Discount: £-0.49
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New Stock Car Rear Bumper pack

New design Stock Car Rear Bumper set for the rear of a Oval 1300/2lt or Mini. Will fit most scratch built cars. Made from High Impact BLACK 6mm Nylon.

Now comes with 4 fixings. Bolts and nuts supplied , bolted right through - no self tapping screws

Front Bumpers available seperately V15SS.

CNC routed and drilled so very accurately made. Designed to withstand very large impacts. 160 mm wide for maximum protection of the wheels. 

Often Copied but never Bettered. As used by national champions 


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