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CR194 - CORE RC -Servo 5Kg Mardave Clio V6 Lexan shell
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S1051Z - Z Drive 51 T Delrin Gear

This is a Mardave Racing Z Drive 51 Tooth Derlin Spur Gear 32dp
Base price £3.49
Sales price £3.49


  This is a Genuine Mardave Racing Z Drive 51 Tooth Derlin Spur Gear 32dp.

Used in all 12th scale Oval classes and makes of car

Z Drive is the Original design by Mardave and copies do not have the same quailty

These gear require a Z Drive gear adaptor to fit a Mardave Z Drive Axle Part Numbers below

V20A is the gear adaptor , V10Z is the axle .

None Z Drive gears with 1/4" hole sold under Part numbers without the prefix Z - Use S1051 


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