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Coming SOON - 2018 Ultron Oval hot rod

VRX Ultron Oval Hot Rod
Base price £99.95
Pre Order

 Coming Soon the New 2018 VRX Ultron Oval Hot Rod with some exciting new developments on board 

Pre Orders now taken for Delivery w/c 16th April 

Power Source: Electric

Model Type: 2WD, On-Road, Competition
Length: 320mm 
Wheel Base: 203mm
Width: 163mm 
Top Speed: 40 MPH+


 Mardave V12 Venom Oe

    • New Mardave VRX Ultron Pod
    • New GRP chassis *
    • New GRP Motor Mounts Lighter and lower motor position.
    • New GRP Twin Deck Beam front end, for strengh and camber adjustment
    • New Full ride height adjustment for front beam
    • New Multi servo mounting positions
    • New Solid Axle with three bolt Adaptors as std
    • 32 Dp Delrin spur capability.
    • Friction side Damper System.  
    • CNC GRP servo Brace 
    • High Tensile, Stainless Steel Suspension Pivot Balls.
    • High Tensile Countersunk Screw set Used Throughout.
    • Trailing Front Steering blocks & Axles 
    • Super Strong Steering Turnbuckles Included.
    • Flanged Ball Raced Rear Axle Bearings.
    • Ballraced Front Wheels, With Ball Race set.
    • New Quick Release Forward position GRP Lipo Retaining System. 
    • Fully Adjustable Body Mount System. Allowing various Vertical Positions.
    • Complete Set of wheels & Tyres Included.
    • Optional Spring Tuning set.
    • Accepts A Huge Range of Industry Standard Bodyshells, Motors, Batteries, And Speed Controllers.
    • Lexan Shell & Wing included 
  • Equipment Needed
    • 2 Channel Radio
    • Servo
    • Electric Speed Control & Motor
    • Motor Pinion
    • Battery 


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Welcome to Mardave

Welcome to Mardave RC Racing, the UK's number one 12th Oval RC car manufacturer!
Originally from Leicester, UK, Mardave produced the first ever RC modal car kit made in Europe back in the 60's. Now based in Norfolk, Mardave continue to produce models for all generations of RC racer buy ambien online.